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Our effort in logistic services have been recognized by oil & gas companies & major contractors alike, years of services, sharing our expertise with our clients.

  • AMARCO Group is a Marine and logistic company with over 24 years of successful experience in all kinds of extreme geographic environments.

  • AMARCO exclusively uses its own human and technical resources to perform the projects entrusted to it. It is experienced in implementing its work in record time and in full compliance with the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment standards rigorously developed and constantly improved over years of experience.

  • AMARCO had already mastered the art of bringing together different modes of transport (mainly sea and land ) to carry out ambitious turnkey projects, from design to completion.

  • During 24 years of complex logistics operations, AMARCO has always lived up to its commitments, and has the world’s largest companies among its references, ranging from Malaysia, Singapore and looking forward to work with more international companies.

    Committed to supporting offshore energies development as a reference partner, building sustainable and innovative maritime solutions.


    Our mission is to consistently meet or exceed our commitment to customers' requirements, whilst providing sustainable value to our stakeholders.

    We will deliver these services with the highest level of operational performance to include safety for our people, compliance with all laws and regulations, and respect for the environment and local communities in which we work.

    We are committed to providing these services in an honest, cost-efficient, profitable and transparent manner for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, capital sources,vendors and local communities.



    We encourage team spirit and knowledge sharing. We strive to perform our daily work correctly, safely and without causing damage to people, environment and equipment.


    We are driven by integrity. We step up and take charge to fulfill given promises. We «walk the talk».


    We behave in a pro-active manner and we are innovative in our way of thinking. Continuous improvement is our key to success.

    Past & present Clients

    Logistics is an activity directly linked to both humans and nature, and it requires security and reliability. In which, we are proud to work with our respected clients.

    Latest News

    Here, we bring you the latest news of our Vessel & Operations.

    Signing contract with Strategic Marine for 4th Gen FCB

    Singapore's Strategic Marine has signed a shipbuilding contract with Bruneian Amarco for the delivery of its fast crew boats that will serve Bruneian offshore oil and gas sector. The collaboration marks a key milestone for both companies with the latest 4th Generation Fast Crew Boat (FCB) entering the Bruneian market for long term operations.

    Read more here

    Committed to Local

    Catering, Hull Cleaning, Flat Top Barge

    Nurture & Growth

    The AMARCO group is one of the precursors to the Local Content strategy, which encourages sustainable development to the benefit of local communities. Since our inception, we have continually reaffirmed our commitment to local populations.

    Our Objective

  • To promote the transfer of skills and ensure that our employees are trained to perform demanding tasks in a secure marine work environment.
  • Hiring a local workforce (up to 86% for our Local Content)
  • Continuously training our employees to ensure qualified professionals.
  • Establishing training centers to create a pool of sustainable skills.
  • Giving exposure to the local to work along with other nationalities, establishing a well-connected community.
  • Services

    As Bruneian service provider, AMARCO Group with these subdivisions (Marine & Logistics) offers high quality services to leading actors in the oil industry, in all areas of operation: continental and deep offshore.


    To promote the transfer of skills and ensure that our employees are trained to perform demanding tasks in a secure marine work environment.

    Diving DSV, Tug Boat


    We entrust our fleet from catamaran, survey vessel, offshore supply vessel (OSV), workboat to cater all our client needs.

    We are also able to support the charter of fleet offering from jack up rig, workboat & anchor handling.

    work permit, visa


    Providing activities such as cargo handling, ship management, shipment, port operations, customs clearance, port clearance, and supply chain management, ensuring seamless and secure movement of goods across international waters.

    Renewable Sources

    Think Green, Think AMARCO

    At AMARCO, we are driven by a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment and the urgent need for sustainable solutions. We firmly believe that caring for the environment is not just an option but a moral imperative.

    That is why we prioritize renewable energy in all aspects of our operations. From our day-to-day practices to our long-term strategies, we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and maximizing the use of clean, renewable energy sources.

    We aim to contribute to the global shift towards a greener future and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Our dedication to environmental stewardship extends beyond mere words; it is a fundamental pillar that guides our actions and shapes our decisions, ensuring a better, cleaner, and more sustainable world for generations to come.

    Operating Fleet

    AMARCO's lineup of vessel.


    AMARCO 10


    AMARCO's latest vessel, built in 2022 and sailing under Brunei Flag. She is currently hired by Brunei Shell Petroleum.

    Maintenance, ROV, Transshipment, Supply Vessel

    AMARCO Rintis

    Offshore Support / Survey

    An offshore survey vessel, currently hired by Brunei Shell Petroleum and sailing under the flag and coastal areas of Brunei.

    Landing Craft Transport, LCT, Boat

    AMARCO 9

    Landing Craft Transport (LCT)

    Final lineup of AMARCO's vessel, An LOA of 46m long with 487 gross tonnages.

    AMARCO Lynx / Leo / Tiger

    Work Boat

    1129 Gross Tonnages, Built in 1974.

    AMARCO Cheetah

    DP-1 Multipurpose

    1420 Gross Tonnages, Built in 2002.

    AMARCO Balqis

    Area Launch Crew Boat

    160 Gross Tonnages, Built in 2001.

    Chartered Fleet

    Past & current fleet partnered with AMARCO.


    Anchor Handling Vessel

    An Anchor Handling built in 2017, sailing under the flag of Singapore with a carrying capacity of 2312 t DWT.



    Length Overall (LOA) 64m x 40m, built in 2016.

    accommodation vessel, anchor handler, ship management

    TERAS Fortress 2

    Jack-up Vessel

    6700 Gross Tonnages, Built in 2015.

    MEO Express 65

    Crew Boat / Fast Utility Boat

    GRT/NRT: 237/71, Built in 2010.

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    No. 15, LOT 7563, Block C, Bangunan MasterCon, Jalan Sungai Pandan, Kuala Belait


    +673 333 2120/1044/1045

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